The Local Store
Prince Edward County
is now
Closed for the Season

Please visit us in May 2018

Aerial Photography by SKYPIX

of Prince Edward County!

Where we invite you to DISCOVER COUNTY MADE!

There is no place in the world like The County. This is a place of exceptional art, flavors and experiences.  Until now, one would have to cover more than 400 square miles to see the work of The County’s best artists and artisans.  That’s why we created the LOCAL STORE to showcase and promote authentic Prince Edward County products under one roof.

If it’s made in Prince Edward County Ontario you will likely find it here.

Located just a mile from the Sand Banks Provincial Park, THE LOCAL STORE is within the expansive walls of a restored 19th century dairy barn.

Enter through the old run-in’s sliding door painted with the Canadian flag. You will find the main store which was once where the animals came in out of the weather to be fed.  Now, you’ll find fabulous pottery, jewelry, basketry, wood working, prints, original works of art and books.

Next, wander into the milking parlour which has been converted into display space for the products of nearly a dozen talented local producers.  Step into the old lamb building and you’ll now find a pantry featuring local maple syrup, vinegars, sauces, jams, jellies and chutneys. Climb the stairs and be awed by the vastness of a hay loft that is now a brightly-lit gallery for large oil paintings, as well as an antique store, children’s nature bookstore and demonstration area. Large windows provide pastoral views of Waring Creek’s protected marshlands.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of The County, or simply looking for a special memento to remember a special visit, THE LOCAL STORE is a must for you to visit.

We look forward to meeting you!

 Food producers
 Arts & Crafts producers
 Fabric / Fibre artists
 Local Authors
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