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Berwick Honey


Berwick Apiaries is owned and operated by Michael Berwick, Master Beekeeper.  Michael Berwick, or as many call him, The Bee Guy, has been taking care of bees for more than half his life.  Mike has more than 300 colonies of bees, hidden all over Prince Edward County and he even has a few tucked away in Hastings and Northumberland too.

Each year he can’t wait for the snow to melt away and the first blooms to appear in early April and then he’s off to keep the bees. In those early days of May you can hardly find him as he drives from one bee yard to the next, checking out the buzz, making sure the bees have everything they need for a successful honey season.

By June the bees have built their numbers, strengthened their colonies and are collecting their pollen and making that delicious summer honey we love so much. In late July or early August the honey house is filled with the familiar scent of warm, sweet honey and beeswax. Berwick can sometimes be caught enjoying the first delicious drops of honey straight off the frame.  The honey is left just as nature intended, filtered but unpasteurized.  Unpasteurized honey is believed to be one of nature’s perfect foods. Honey is hypo-allergenic, never expires, and it can even help to boost your immune system.  Each jar is bottled carefully so as not to lose a drop.  Enjoy Berwick Apiaries fresh honey in your tea, on your toast, as a sugar substitute, or straight off the spoon.