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Edible Antiques

Heirloom seeds

Stacey Hubbs, owner of Edible Antiques love of heirloom plant varieties started years ago while working with Vicki Emlaw and Tim Noxon of Vicki’s Veggies. “Not to play favourites, but it was the lettuce and tomatoes that really won me over into the world of heirlooms and heritage plant varieties.” says Stacey.  “Spending time with these heirloom plants for a handful of years has allowed them to become much more than plants…they are now my “friends.” Once I got to know these amazing varieties, experience their beauty and taste, and learn about their individual (hi)stories, I knew it was time to do something to preserve them. I learned some seed saving skills at Vicki’s, conferences and events, and decided that it was time to put this knowledge to use. After a difficult winter of trying to decide “What am I going to do?” and “How am I going to do this…?” I had an epiphany…that it was SEEDS!!!”

Edible Antiques is The County’s only heirloom seed company. It is important for each small town to have a seed grower as it is very important to have locally adapted seeds for your region. Locally adapted seeds mean that they now have a memory in their DNA of how to grow here, thus making these seeds and plants stronger and more suited to our area’s growing conditions.

Edible Antiques offers a range of heirloom, heritage and open pollinated seeds which are available through our website or through mail order. These seed packs are sold in singles or in the form of a “Collection Pack” which contains three different varieties of seed. Also available are Gift Certificates which can be customized just for you! Occasionally framed linoleum prints will be for sale also.