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Jane Eaton-Sanders


Jane Eaton Sanders first studied fine art at the University of North Dakota and then graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba.  She has participated in several two man shows as well as diverse juried shows.  She has won Honourable Mention, Best of Show as well as the Jurors’ Choice Award of the Expressions 2007 on the 40th Anniversary of the Quinte Arts Council.  She currently resides in Prince Edward County where she holds a weekly studio in her home.  She continues to study at home and abroad and shows her work to an expanding Market.

One of my great pleasures in painting has been to paint outdoors.  In this way I work from a three dimensional subject, with natural light and rich shadows. My intention is to convey sound and light and temperature, so that my viewer can experience that place in a new way.

I favour realism in a painting.  I also love rich and varied colour.  It is in marrying the two that I find my nice. I have found that if the drawing is accurate and the dark and light value of each subject is correct then the colour is mine to play with.  Therefore despite the undisguised red, blues and purples in a tree, it reads undeniably as a tree. The warm and cool colours either push or pull the object into focus as does the detail and sharp or soft quality of the edge. In this way a living breathing space is created on the page. I like to populate the space with either people or animals or birds… whatever I see that day or whatever I think will be believable and contribute to the ‘store ‘ of the piece.

Anais Nin wrote, “We write to taste life twice” And I contend that this is a savory reason to paint, as well.

Jane Eaton Sanders, BFA