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Leslie Fruman


Leslie Fruman
Clayshapes Pottery 

I love creating my pottery for you, and I hope you will start, and add to your collection here. You can confidently use your Clayshapes every day – they are all dishwasher safe, and the colors will never fade. Handled with care, they will last a lifetime. It’s such a treat to use handmade pottery to serve your meals, especially when you consider that each piece started as a humble, shapeless lump of clay. After it is carefully shaped into a fragile vessel, it takes days to dry before it is ready to be fired, glazed, and fired again in a very hot kiln – where it magically transforms into a beautiful and durable piece of functional art.

I am a former journalist and TV producer, who took up pottery for the first time in 2011 as a hobby – which quickly morphed into a small business that pretty much consumes all of my time now!


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