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Mason’s Wood ‘N Weavers

Arts and Crafts

Mason’s Wood N Weavers is a family group of casual artisans with a knack for creativity. We work part time out of our 37 Paul Street home in Picton, and can be reached at thejamiesonhouse@gmail.com

Colin is our weaver/woodworker. A retired law partner, and avid gardener, Colin was looking for projects to do through the cold winter months when the garden was sleeping. He is an incredibly talented woodworker and has been creating beautiful Shaker boxes for a while. On the site you will see a sampling of the sewing boxes, tissue holders, music boxes and shaker tongs Colin has come up with.  Colin also does chair restoration, caning and is our master basket weaver. All the market baskets and wine baskets are his creation.

James is our woodworker/builder. James is a high school Math teacher and in his spare time, which isn’t a lot, he loves to build. His hands have renovated bathrooms, laundry rooms, decks and now have turned to tables. Outdoors or inside, any shape, size or need, James is our man.

Barb is our rusher. Barb is a retired publisher who loves to be creative. Her hands are usually busy with Habitat for Humanity work but have recently wandered into the area of rushing. Whether it is restoring your old beloved rocker for the porch, or distressing a piece for resale, or making the creative little stools you see on the site, Barb is the one to call to fix or decorate that old rushed item sitting in the basement.