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Nyman Farms


Nyman Farms

We are a small family run located on 80 acres. We got our start in maple syrup in the woods located right behind The Local Store. The operation started with 40 taps that drained into ice cream pails. We are now proud to have nearly 2700 taps and are the largest maple syrup producers in the county that boil sap using the traditional wood fire evaporator. We have let this little hobby of ours grow far out of control, but we wouldn’t trade it. We enjoy sharing our love of sweet maple syrup.

We have combined our love of maple syrup and our love of pork sausages to create our “famous” pork maple sausages. Put together here in The County at Aman’s abattoir in Wellington, our sausages are made with local pork and contain no additives or fillers. We believe in sustainable farming. We pride ourselves on raising our animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics.