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Zac Kenny


My work is inspired by my diverse interests; science fiction, quantum physics, psychology, and the environment to name a few. Life drawing is where I gather my artistic energy. The process of seeing and drawing is inspirational and sparks an excitement that I bring to all of my other work. To quote my favourite drawing professor Richard Robertson, “If you are excited about making a mark, that mark will be excited and will be exciting to look at”. When I approach a canvas the infinite potential of the unmarked surface inspires me to paint. I will have an idea, an emotion, a memory or a personality in mind that generates initial colour choice. From there it is a combination of ideas and intuition that complete the work.

The underlying idea behind my painting is that people, emotional states, and opinions can be expressed in very abstract ways. My goal however, is not for viewers to decipher, or try and make sense of a painting, but rather to internalize the colours and energy and make their own personal and emotional connection.


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